Fresh Party Platters

Thank you to all of our supporters. We are truly grateful for all of the pre-orders. Because of you, we can go back to our roots and catch fish in a truly sustainable way.

Your pre-orders empowers our local fishermen to catch what they need to provide for their families. We believe this new way is the best way of becoming a sustainable fishing company, leaving enough fish in the ocean, respecting ocean life, and providing for our Ohana. Every fish taken out of our oceans will go to feed someone, with zero waste. The new pre-ordering system prevents fishes from being unsold and frozen.

  • Chef’s Choice Fresh Poke Platter

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    Sold-Out / You are signing up to SMS text updates / TBD, $0.00

  • Chef’s Choice Fresh Sashimi Platter

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    Sold Out / Text Message Updates / 4-5 lbs feeds 8-10, $100.00