Fresh Poke Of The Day

Slay’d, Weighed, Filleted

Recommended 8 oz. order per person.

The species of fish used in “Poke Of The Day” varies.This item is updated as we catch & receive fish based on availability, sustainability & efficient use of all local Hawaii near-shore & off-shore species.

Species May Include:

Ahi (Bigeye & Yellowfin Tuna)

Aku (Pacific Skipjack Tuna) “Hawaiian Gold“ “Kanaka Favorite”

Nairagi (Pacific Striped Marlin) Ahi Assassins Favorite - orange in color similar to Salmon in color, texture, Healthy Fish Omegas & taste

Kajiki (Pacific Blue Marlin) making sustainable use of Hawaii’s most prized sportfishing Target... a huge part of Hawaii’s Subsistent & Community Consumption Fishery


You must select your sauce in the notes during checkout:

Today’s sauces and styles of mix:

1. Lunatic- Ahi Assassin’s Original & most popular ( Our rendition of Spicy Ahi without Mayonnaise)

2. Spicy Ahi- Traditional Sriracha/ Mayo aioli 

3. Hawaiian Style - simple, refreshing & traditional

4. Sesame Shoyu - Keiki & Kupuna Friendly plain/ no spice at all

5. Pake Style- Chinese Cold Ginger & Green Onion Sauce “Uncle Hanalei’s Original Recipe”